Analysis of All American Clothing

It’s time to start buying American made goods.  Many of our manufactured goods have left the Country and moved to 3rd world countries.  This has cost our Country millions of jobs, and supported Communist Governments like China & Vietnam.  Our Commander in Chief, Donald J. Trump, has told us in his inaugural speech that from now on it’s “America First.”  We should all begin doing our part to revitalize American manufacturing to bring our jobs back to the United States.

Below is an analysis of


All American Clothing has a crucial direct competitor, All USA Clothing. To see how All American Clothing matches up on traffic we can check out their SEO (Search Engine Optimzation) using tools on Moz.  The Domain Authority for All American Clothing is 42/100, and the Page Authority is 51/100, the Domain Authority for All USA Clothing is 37/100, and the Page Authority is 42/100.  This seems strange, All American Clothing has a much more user friendly website, but their competitor has a similar SEO.  We can help them with their relevance by working on highly searched keywords.  However, All American Clothing seems to be more popular than All USA Clothing due to having 3x as many Root Domains, and 2x as many total links.  All American Clothing is getting a lot of referral traffic, this is what is making it a lot more popular.

Conversions is likely not a problem for All American Clothing, most of their traffic comes from referral traffic.  Their referral traffic is coming mostly from websites that link users to websites that specifically have USA made goods.  These consumers are looking for USA made goods, once they find All American Clothing they will be hooked.

Revenue Maximization will likely be a smaller concern with the increasing national movement towards supporting American manufacturing.  Upon entering the website, a 15% coupon is awarded to the consumer by signing up for their newsletter.  Signing up for the newsletter is a no-brainer with that amount of savings.  I predict that there is a good amount of direct traffic to the website that is attributed to the E-Mailed newsletter that consumers have signed up for.

I recommend that All American Clothing works with a keyword planner to improve their SEO.  We can see that a lot of the traffic is referral and direct traffic, to improve on traffic from search engines, All American Clothing will need to begin strategically organizing their website to optimize search results.  All American Clothing can capitalize on the increasing national movement towards supporting American Manufacturing by prioritizing keywords like “Made in USA”, “Quality”, “Durability”, and “Rugged.”

Shout out to Professor Michael Pepe, see his website here.


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