Improving Upon Your SEO

Every website owner wants as much valuable traffic as possible.  In order to make this happen, website owners must pay attention to their SEO (Search Engine Optimization.)  There are a few things that a website owner must look at when deciding to improve their SEO.  How relevant is my website to my target audience? Where is my target audience also browsing and how did they learn of this website? What does my current traffic and ranking look like? To answer these questions we will dive into these concepts – header tags, content, navigation (anchor text), URL, Title Tag, and keyword mapping.

Header Tags: To earn a spot on the top 10 results for a Search Engine, it’s important to utilize a header tag that is large.  Within HTML, <h1> is the largest text header you can create (<h2> would be smaller for example).  Within SEO, if a user is looking up a specific keyword, your website would have more relevance if that word was larger on your website.

Content: On your website, within the body of your content, SEO also comes into play.  Within your article it is very important to use the specific keyword multiple times, however as a rule, you should only be using it where it is appropriate.

Navigation:  For proper navigation on your website, you must work with anchor text. Take links on your pages and have them reference one another, this will allow the user to easily navigate throughout the pages on your website.  It also has the added benefit of increasing your SEO.

URL: This is simple, if you have a keyword you’d like people to search for, include it  in the URL of your website, this is very much a “common sense” technique.

Title Tag: These are small snippets of text that arise when hovering over top of a tab in your browser.  Utilize keywords in your Title Tags to increase relevance for SEO.


We’ve talked a lot about keywords, and how to push them into your website to increase SEO.  But how do we determine which keywords are the best to put into your website? There is a tool for this; it is called Google Keyword Planner.  Another tool you can use for an alternative away from Google is a tool on Keyword Tools.  If a user were to search up “American Made Jeans” we can see from Keyword Planning that it would be more important to have “women’s” as a keyword compared to “men’s”, we can also see that “button fly” is a big keyword that consumers are searching for.  Including this type of info in your keywords for a higher SEO will increase traffic to your website.

Here is another link that gives even more ideas on how to improve upon your website’s SEO.

Shout out to Professor Pepe, see his blog here.


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