Marketing Yourself on LinkedIn

A very popular phrase in the job market is…”it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”  While this is not 100% accurate, it does drive home the very certain fact that connections are extremely important during the hunt for a job or career.  While I have been told that LinkedIn can be utilized to create connections and find a job this way, I believe that it is a much better tool that allows users to maintain connections and relationships.


To properly market yourself on LinkedIn one must have an “All-Star Profile.” To bring your profile to this level you must have the following, a unique head line, current position, education with concentration, location, a cover letter placed in the summary portion, experience, skills, endorsements, accomplishments, and interests.  In addition to these attributes being filled out entirely, an “All-Star Profile” must have a professional head shot as the profile photo.  For the interests you should belong to a handful of professional groups, examples include college alumni pages, charity groups, and other industry organizations.  

It is very important to keep your LinkedIn profile updated with your most recent education, certifications, and job experience.  As you update your profile, LinkedIn will recommend connections that you may have missed, and other users will also be able to add you as a connection as well if your LinkedIn profile is updated.

By joining the Siena College Alumni page it is easy to see where the 7,184 members are working.  There are many popular employers that have already accepted Siena alumni into their business.  Siena alumni are well known and are diligent workers, more often than not they leave a great impression on their previous employers as well.  All Siena alumni can use this to their benefit, applying to employers who have already hired Siena graduates is a key strategy that all Siena alumni should use in order to secure a job.

For additional advice on using LinkedIn to your benefit please view these two articles from Forbes, and Job-Hunt.  Both of these articles touch on the topics I have discussed above in detail, and also put forth additional ways that your LinkedIn profile can be as productive as possible.

Always remember to add all of your professional contacts as you work, keeping up with these contacts is important for future success in the workplace.  You never know where a future job may come from.  Previous managers, coworkers, and advisers could be looking for help in the future, and they may call on you for help…but only if you remain connected with them.


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